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  • 16 Head Rotary Liquid Filling Machine & 8 Head Pick and Place Capping Machine

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16 Head Rotary Liquid Filling Machine & 8 Head Pick and Place Capping Machine Design

Details - 16 Head Rotary Liquid Filling Machine & 8 Head Pick and Place Capping Machine

Flow Meter filling is the ideal solution for conductive and non-conductive liquids with no moving parts in contact with the product regardless its foaminess or viscosity. The system includes automatic 'Recipes' choice from the Human Machine Interface.

Flow meter filler and capper mono-block are based on conductive or nonconductive liquid is passed through it. Mag flow meters are suitable to handle all products having a minimum level of electrical conductivity of 5 micro Siemens. Mass flow meter are particularly suitable when handling liquid products without electrical conductivity, such as oils, pesticides etc.


  • 7” color touch screen with plc for various error message and control system
  • Rugged, Reliable construction
  • In feed screw, star, main star, and exit star wheels precisely align each bottle
  • Motorized height adjustment of capping turret
  • No bottle no filling, no bottle no cap release, Outfeed jam machine stop, low cap in maxine machine stop, Auto feeder on/off system, Safety door open machine stop
  • No moving parts inside the flow meter
  • Pick n place cap transfer to the capping head
  • Maintenance free pneumatic gripper type capping head
  • Cap feeder auto on/off system preventing cap damage
  • CIP at temperatures up to 70°c
  • Cappers include fully adjustable cap torqueing head for precise torque control
  • Programmable for multi speed and profile filling cycles
  • Integrated fault light and alarm to inform operator production error
  • Individual nozzle fill volume adjustment by HMI
  • All contact parts are SS-316/peek/PTFE/silicon/EPDM and non-contact parts SS 304, MS frame structure with SS cladding
  • Precise filling valve for 100% spillage/drip free on bottle neck and shoulder
  • Fully interlocked guarding for machine protection safety
  • High filling accuracy: ±1%

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